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Do You Want to Fly

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Do You Want to Fly

By Flocabulary

The following song contains vocabulary words from popular children's books. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find lesson plans that help reinforce the vocabulary in this song!

Do you know about Tameka Potts?
She lived way up on a mountain top,
Her body was weak, it was FRAIL,
I mean she moved kind of slow like a snail,
Her legs were too weak, she couldn’t PRANCE,
She couldn’t jump around, she couldn’t dance,
But her life wasn’t all GLOOMY,
It wasn’t dark and sad like a scary movie,

Because at night when she’d fall asleep,
She’d SLUMBER, and begin to dream,
She dreamt of flying on golden wings,
On SPLENDID, beautiful golden wings,
But for now she stayed TUCKED away,
Hidden in her house so far away,
The whole world below was UNAWARE,
They didn’t know what she did up there,

Do you want to fly?

Now, Tameka WANDERED around,
She walked here and there, and she found
Sticks from trees that had TOPPLED down,
Fallen down to the ground,
At her home, she glued the sticks to the stones,
Sang a song, and made it STURDY and strong,
After a week, she had a COLOSSAL glider,
A huge pair of wings to ride on,

She STRODE to top of the mountain,
Walked right up with her glider beside her,
She PEERED out at the world below,
Looked down, counted “one, two, three, let’s go!”
She FLUNG herself in air, threw herself up there,
The wind pushed her glider and she was flying,
She flew high like a bird, she was SOARING,
Do you still think Tameka’s life is boring?

Do you want to fly?

Words Used

Ms. Spider's Tea Party (David Kirk)


Cows Can't Fly (David Milgram)


Into the A, B, Sea (Deborah Lee Rose)


I Love You the Purplest (Barbara M. Joosse)


The Three Little Pigs (James Marshall)


Additional Music

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