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FreeReading contains activities and intervention materials for the following early literacy skills:

Phonological Awareness

Phonological Awareness: Students learn to identify and manipulate the sounds in spoken words including skills such as oral segmenting and oral blending.

Letter Sounds

Letter Sounds: Students learn to say the most common sound for printed letters.

Sounding Out

Sounding Out: Students learn to decode printed regular words.

Word Recognition

Word Recognition: Students learn to recognize common regular words by sight.

Irregular Words

Irregular Words: Students learn to read 30 high-frequency irregular words.

Irregular Words II

Irregular Words 2: Students expand the set of high-frequency words they can read by sight.

Multisyllable Words

Multisyllable Words: Coming soon!

Advanced Phonics

Advanced Phonics: Students learn to read word families, compound words, contractions, double-letter words, silent-letter words, -ed words and -s words.

Letter Combinations

Letter Combinations: Students learn to say the most common sounds for letter combinations such as sh and oa and to decode VCe words such as made and time.


Spelling: Coming soon!

Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefixes and Suffixes: Students learn the meaning of selected prefixes and suffixes and understand how they can be added to a word to change its meaning.


Comprehension: Students learn comprehension skills through read alouds, guided practice, and application of the skills.


Vocabulary: Students learn the meaning of vocabulary words by participating in read alouds, using graphic organizers to clarify meaning, and engaging in a variety of activities to expand their understanding.


Fluency: Coming soon!

Reading Connected Text

Reading Connected Text: Students learn to read their first sentences and short passages.

Letter Writing

Letter Writing: Students learn to handwrite each letter of the alphabet.


Writing: Students learn to identify and apply elements of fiction and non-fiction writing genres.