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[edit] Introduce th

[edit] Letter Sound Accuracy, Letter Charts B

[edit] Letter Sound Accuracy, Letter Charts D

[edit] Letter sound accuracy, egg carton game

[edit] Letter Sound and Letter Combination Accuracy, Sound Search Game

[edit] Introduce writing a letter

[edit] Letter Writing Accuracy, Can You Feel My Letter?

[edit] Counting words in a sentence

[edit] Oral Blending, Riddle Game

[edit] Introduce onset-rime blending (Mico version)

[edit] Identifying and Generating Rhyming Words, The Ship is Loaded With...

[edit] Sounding out accuracy

[edit] Spelling accuracy, team word builder game

[edit] Reading connected text accuracy

[edit] Introduce vocabulary: Ruby the Copycat (Rathmann, 1991)

[edit] Introduce word families

[edit] Introduce double-letter words