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The chart below contains decodable non-fiction texts in a number of formats:

  • Text only
  • Text with black white illustrations
  • Text with color illustrations
  • Advanced texts that contain more complex sentence constructions

Click on the blue links below to preview and print the available fiction texts on FreeReading.

There are still many stories listed below that do not have illustrations. Please feel free to send us your own illustrated versions so that we may add them to the list.

Decodable Non-Fiction passages
Text Only B&W Illustrated PDF Color Illustrated PDFAdvanced Version
Frog Facts B&W PDF
Color PDF Frog Facts
A Camping Trip B&W PDF Color PDFWhat to Take on a Camping Trip
Planting Crops B&W PDF Color PDF Planting Crops
An Atlas B&W PDF Color PDF What is an Atlas
A Picnic B&W PDF Color PDF Have a Picnic
Cats B&W PDF Color PDFWhat are Cats Like?
Texas B&W PDF Color PDFAll About Texas
Insects B&W PDF Color PDFInsects
Fun Family Trips B&W PDF Color PDFFun Family Trips
Rocket Blastoff B&W PDF Color PDFRocket Blastoff
A Pond
A Magnet ExperimentB&W PDF Color PDF
Snack Well
Sticky Stuff
Fox Kits Frisk
Camping Pandas
Robin Moms
Can a Carrot Jump
It's Spring
Tim had Mumps
Pets, Pets, Pets
Sod Cabins
Sip, Bulp, Drink
Run B&W PDF Color PDF
TennisB&W PDF Color PDF
A Nanny
An Experiment
A Job
A Cast
A Body
Stuck in Traffic
HatsB&W PDF Color PDF
At a LakeB&W PDF Color PDF
RocksB&W PDF Color PDF
Wide Stuff
Native American Crafts
Get an Adult
Pull, Ox! Pull, Mule! B&W PDF Color PDF
Mole Hole B&W PDF Color PDF
Rate It!
Jellyfish are not JellyB&W PDF Color PDF
Put Things Away
Sloan's BeesB&W PDF Color PDF
Limes Cure Scurvy
Tadpoles and Frogs B&W PDF Color PDF

Click here if you would like to see all of the decodable fiction texts in scan-able form.