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Illustrated Decodable non-fiction passages

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The chart below contains decodable non-fiction texts in a number of formats:

  • Text only
  • Text with black white illustrations
  • Text with color illustrations
  • Advanced texts that contain more complex sentence constructions

Click on the blue links below to preview and print the available fiction texts on FreeReading.

Decodable Non-Fiction passages
Text Only B&W Illustrated PDF Color Illustrated PDFAdvanced Version
Frog Facts B&W PDF
Color PDF Frog Facts
A Camping Trip B&W PDF Color PDFWhat to Take on a Camping Trip
Planting Crops B&W PDF Color PDF Planting Crops
An Atlas B&W PDF Color PDF What is an Atlas
A Picnic B&W PDF Color PDF Have a Picnic
Cats B&W PDF Color PDFWhat are Cats Like?
Texas B&W PDF Color PDFAll About Texas
Insects B&W PDF Color PDFInsects
Fun Family Trips B&W PDF Color PDFFun Family Trips
Rocket Blastoff B&W PDF Color PDFRocket Blastoff
A Pond
A Magnet ExperimentB&W PDF Color PDF
Snack Well
Sticky Stuff
Fox Kits Frisk
Camping Pandas
Robin Moms
Can a Carrot Jump
It's Spring
Tim had Mumps
Pets, Pets, Pets
Sod Cabins
Sip, Bulp, Drink
Run B&W PDF Color PDF
TennisB&W PDF Color PDF
A Nanny
An Experiment
A Job
A Cast
A Body
Stuck in Traffic
HatsB&W PDF Color PDF
At a LakeB&W PDF Color PDF
RocksB&W PDF Color PDF
Wide Stuff
Native American Crafts
Get an Adult
Pull, Ox! Pull, Mule! B&W PDF Color PDF
Mole Hole B&W PDF Color PDF
Rate It!
Jellyfish are not JellyB&W PDF Color PDF
Put Things Away
Sloan's BeesB&W PDF Color PDF
Limes Cure Scurvy
Tadpoles and Frogs B&W PDF Color PDF

Click here if you would like to see all of the decodable fiction texts in scan-able form.